teatrino di vino

Di Vino Theatre

Hall theatre with a high  and 25cm. wide stage with 3 position fly system for finger and hand puppets.

Basic structure made of recicled wine wooden boxes. Sliding original wooden lid turned into stage curtain. Attached cordon handle, and a theatre games, ideas and instruction book (in spanish).

A second model with back cloth.

Available colours: magenta, violet, natural wood.

Size: 34 x 37 x 18 ó 23 cm.

In this play: Scenes: casttle and sea. Characters: jester.

panorama 1 teatrino di vinopanorama 2 teatrino di vinopanorama 3 teatrino divino

Obra derivada de “Teatrino Andante” ©Jimena Uribe 2003

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