al Parque Theatre

Wooden hall theatre with a five position fly system and a spacious 30cm (11.7 in.) wide stage. For finger puppets, hand puppets, or small string puppets.

With toy clock at the front facade, proscenium arch, removable stage curtain, back cloth, and dressing room. Front advertising board where the names of the plays can be written. Leather handle and a theatre games, ideas and instruction book. Cloth bag and wartercolor pencil.

Available colours  magenta, violet and natural wood.

Size:  14.4 x 22.2 x 6.6 in. ( 37 x 57 x 17 cm.)

In this play: Casttle hall scene. Characters: Prince, Joker, Witch.

“Teatrino al Parque” ©Jimena Uribe 2003

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