Height aprox. 9.5 cm.

Diameter (in the base) aprox. 5 cm.

Weight aprox. 0.04 kg.

Create your own stories with your festivanima characters.

prince & princess

(or king & queen)

Prince Fredrick of Orange and princess Wilhelmine of Prussia  are celebrating a party this weekend. Both are positively sure that they invited everyone in town and also all animals in the nearby woods.  For the last two weeks they’ve been carefully writing and sending lots and lots of emails, postcards and messages for homing pigeons.

sailor & mermaid

Taylor Sailor found the giant who slept under the sea just when he peeped out the water because he followed one by one the indications that Adeline, the mermaid had gave him. When he realized that the giant still had the very famous “Desire flower” in his lips, he couldn’t stop thinking about all he wished in life. Problems started when he couldn’t count his wishes even using his fingers and toes.

witch & jester

Caspiroleta, the working witch, works tirelessly in her cave where she makes smelly beauty creams and strong love potions.

When she’s in humor she trys on herself the beauty creams and once she’s feeling pretty rushes towards the casttle  where her friend Pancracio is, and tries on him… all the experimental love potions!

girl & boy

Catalina Clementina and her friend and neighbour Juan Julián play soccer every afternoon under the shadows of the park trees. At the same time they play riddles:

-“How do you catch a squirrel?  -You climb a tree and act like a nut.”

-“How do you tie a cloud?  -With a rainbow”

frog, dragon & unicorn

Fortunato the frog  cooks every weekend his favorite meal:  A flie and mosquito pizza!! When it’s ready he invites his true friends Pomponio the Unicorn and Daniel Dragon.

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