Ututui and Cucuyá tutus and caps

Fresa y Patilla jugando a teatro

Lorena Suárez Fierro y Alejandra Muñóz Guerrero, put together their lovely worlds: Ututui and Cucuyá, and a beautiful combination of playing clothes for girls comes to life.

With a colorful tutu from Ututui and a knitted cap from Cucuyá designed with care and handmade with love Lorena and Alejandra create ensembles that become a little colour feast in movement. Girls can wear these creations on their birthday or any day they wish.

Catálogo de Ututui y Cucuyá

Tomorrow Saturday December 1 they will have their debut at the Kermesse de Noel that will be taking place at Liceo Francés Louis Pasteur (Cl 87 No. 7 – 77, Bogotá. 10:00 am to 4:00 pm)
You will find also music, delicious desserts, activities for children,  and lots of goods for sale.

Ututui y Cucuyá show us how inspiring our children can be, all the world the bring for us to discover, and how often what they help us find is within ourselves.

Up with sweetness, and hope you enjoy the Kermesse!

If you wish to contact Lorena and Alejandra:


photos by L. Suárez Fierro
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