Wooden Toy Theatre

Your passion for theatre, in a charming gift: Little, decorative and practical wooden toy theatres.

Perform great plays in a small format with your family, at school, for cultural events, or… just for fun.

At festivÀnima, Jimena Uribe designs and handcrafts miniature puppet characters, scenery, and wooden toy theatres that inspire grownups and children inviting them to create amazing stories.

FestivÀnima started in 1999 in Colombia as Mireaver and since then, with it’s theatres and activities Jimena Uribe makes culture fun, opens ways to fantasy and offers artistic options of communication.

With the festivÀnima wooden toy theatres, amateurs, families, teachers, at home, at libraries, or schools, great pieces of theatre and opera are rehearsed, traditional stories are passed along, and (very important) new stories are created.

Every one of the different festivÀnima toy theatres has, as real theatres, changing scenery. They also have most of the important features of a theatre: front curtain, back cloth, flying system and advertising board where the name of each play can be written and erased every time needed. As the scenery sets are placed in different levels one in front of the other, either landscapes or interior rooms result. When the puppet characters are moved between the last scenery set and the back cloth, illusion is completed.

Our toy theatres:

Teatrino Pícolo, Teatrino diVINO, Teatrino Andante, Teatrino al Parque, Teatrino de Cuento, Teatrino Biombo and Teatrino de la Ópera. 

You may order the scenery and characters of your favourite play or story, and choose between the different festivÀnima toy theatres.

You may also choose and combine the puppet characters and festivànima scenes in order to represent and create many stories: A frog in the orange hall of the king’s palace will never say the same as if he is wandering though an enchanted forest, or if he’s sneaking in a pirate’s boat…

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